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A: There are a myriad of uses for frosted film, often led by the creativity and needs of our customers. Common uses include making clear glass into privacy glass, decorative frosted house names and house numbers, frosted room names such as ‘Pantry’ or ‘Playroom’, temporary seasonal/festive films, etched effect film for mirrors, glass manifestation safety stickers to highlight glazed areas and that’s just a small selection.

There are many more commercial uses such as etched effect company/organisation logos, frosted glass opening hours, frosted effect graphics for shop fronts and still we are really only scratching the surface (if you pardon the pun!).

A: No, the frosted film merely obscures the view through the glass giving a frosted appearance whilst still letting the light through. This makes it an ideal solution when you don’t want to see through to the other side but want to maintain natural light.

A: Yes, we supply the film at the exact dimensions you provide on the order. As long as your dimensions are accurate, your Etchy film will fit straight into your intended glass area without the need for you to trim.

Etchy window tint

A: Etchy window film is a thin (often 70/80 micron) PVC film, specially developed for application to glass. The film is supplied on a backing release paper in order to both aid the application and protect the film.


A: No, Etchy does not offer an installation service, we do however send easy to follow application instructions with every order or you may click here to view online. With the right basic preparation, a few simple tools and our simple set of instructions we are sure you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.


A: There are a few recommended tips and tools that will make your installation a simple process, most of which you will already have access to around the house. Please see our application instructions before you begin your installation.


A: As with any DIY project, attention to preparation will prove beneficial when it comes to application of the film. We recommend that any surfaces where the film is to be applied should be cleaned thoroughly so it is free from dust, grease or paint spots. The film can only bond to the surface it is applied so anything on the glass that will prevent a smooth flat application should be removed.


A: Yes it is, although it is much easier to remove/adjust position of the film whilst it is still wet during the initial application so best not abandon the application for a weekend break half way through! Removal of the film after it has bonded works in the reverse to the application and simply involves soapy water, a glass scraper to carefully release a corner and some patience to peel the film off. In cases where there is a large surface of frosted film to remove it may help to carefully score the film (being careful not to mark the glass) into easy to manage sections.


A: As standard, all Etchy films will be supplied for application to the inside of glass facing outwards, meaning that designs will appear to be in reverse when applied to the inside and will be correct when viewed from the outside. To make it easy, you are able to design your Etchy designs on this website as they would be viewed from the outside, we will then print and supply your finished film in reverse.

Etchy window designs

A: We have tried to give you a good head start with the ideas and designs shown on this website. If you have a bespoke design in mind please contact us and we will be happy to advise.


A: Our solid frosted films are supplied with one backing sheet that is fixed to the sticky side of the film in order to protect the sticky surface until you are ready to apply it. If you have ordered a decorative film that includes an area that has been removed (such as a border or house name/number) this will be supplied with 2 backing sheets. One to protect the sticky face and the other on the back of the film to hold the design together during application. Please see our application instructions for further details.


A: Yes, we offer a full printing service, please get in touch with details of your requirements and we will advise and confirm costs accordingly.