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Frosted House Number

Frosted House Number

High quality, cost effective frosted window film

A striking alternative to the house number plaque on the wall. Design yourself an Etchy film displaying your house number to apply to a top light above a door, a side window alongside a door or even on the glass within a door. Using our configurator you can input your exact size required and even decide on the font style, style and position. The finished etched design should be applied to the inside facing outwards so it is not open to the elements. Because of the translucent nature of the film, light can still pass through the etched areas but a clearly defined house number will be displayed in the cut out area left in clear glass, a beautifully elegant effect.

You have the choice of FROSTED NUMBERS (where the numbers alone are supplied on a backing sheet for you to apply to your glass) or FROSTED BACKGROUND where the numbers are removed from the frosted background and just the frosted background is supplied on a backing sheet for you to apply. <show images for both to illustrate and include those two options in the configurator so they have to select one>

To see how easy it is to apply Etchy film please read our step by step application instructions or watch our video.

Please Note: As standard, all Etchy films will be supplied for application to the inside of glass facing outwards, meaning that designs will appear to be in reverse when applied to the inside and will be correct when viewed from the outside. To make it easy, you are able to design your Etchy designs on this website as they would be viewed from the outside, we will then print and supply your finished film in reverse.