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Patterned Frosted Film

Our selection of patterned films are particularly popular for those wishing to achieve a level of privacy but maintain light and at the same time add style and character.

Simply select from the categories below. You will then be able to choose from a range of designs and provide us with your required measurements to completely transform a glazed area with practical style and sophistication.

Your Etchy film will be supplied to you with the pattern already weeded out meaning you simply apply the etched design straight on to the glass using the backing paper and once the backing paper is removed, the clear glass will show through the cut out etched film.

Please Note:- As standard, all Etchy films will be supplied for application to the inside of glass facing outwards, meaning that designs will appear to be in reverse when applied to the inside and will be correct when viewed from the outside. To make it easy, you are able to design your Etchy designs on this website as they would be viewed from the outside, we will then print and supply your finished film in reverse.